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My sister has memory issues as well as her alcohol abuse. Other treatment centers were quick to terminate her stay because of the memory issues. Not Brighter Start! The staff took the time necessary to equip her to live a sober life and to prepare her for transition into an assisted living retirement community, going as far as helping her to stop smoking as well. As my sister has said, “They don’t give up on me.” Without hesitation I would recommend Brighter Start to those individuals and families in need.


What a wonderful, professional and caring treatment center. The entire staff is top-notch. They are patient and kind as well as knowing exactly how to reach even the difficult patients. They don’t give up on your loved ones. If you are on the fence, don’t wait a minute longer, they are all about the total healing


My experience with Brighter Start Health so far has been exceptional. My sibling really needed help, the Outreach Director was there for me until I was able to finally get my sibling there. The fact that Brighter Start was there BEFORE I paid them any money really spoke to who they are and how much they care. They are good people that know what they are doing. My sibling has been there for a couple weeks and she is thriving – when I speak with her she sounds like a different person, and she is really doing the work to get better. I don’t even want to think about where my sibling would be now if it wasn’t for Brighter Start – they really came to the rescue.


Brighter Start was a lifesaver for our family. When searching for a facility, I was blessed to be led to this organization. The staff went above and beyond by communicating directly with our son, to answering all our questions to making an important judgement call that made a huge impact. We liked that there are no more than 15 clients at a time allowing for personal treatment and not feeling overwhelming in group settings. We appreciate Krystal, our son’s counselor and all she did to encourage and help him transition to sober living. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone ready to learn and accept help. The staff is compassionate and helpful. They also allow and plan fun group activities on the weekends


I had hit rock bottom. I had turned down offers to go to Wilmington, as I live close to Washington DC, and felt it was too far from home. I have a temporary disability, and tried everything in my power to use that as an excuse not to go. I was assured by staff that I would be accommodated. I finally surrendered, the first step, and arrived in Wilmington on 6/3/2021. From the first day I was treated with respect and caring. Whenever I needed a “hand”, there was always more than one. The daily sessions at the treatment center were, and still are, very important to me. To be in a room, with counselors who truly understand addiction, was invaluable. To be around fellow residents who in a short time became friends, unbelievable. If you believe that you are in need of inpatient treatment, I would highly recommend Brighter Start. The staff is caring and understanding, and most a dealing with addictions themselves. They knew what I was going through. I wish I had gone sooner. I’m glad I went when I did. It saved my life. I am now 4 1/2 months sober. I wouldn’t be without Brighter Start Wilmington.


Brighter Start truly saved my life! I was there end of March through beginning of May this year and just can not thank the staff their enough. They give you the tools you need to understand and cope with your addiction. It was not easy believe me, you really get down to WHAT your demons are and face them. If you do the work and really want to get better then you will experience what I did. The center and housing is very nice and they actively enforce COVID-19 protection and prevention, so if you are worried about that please don’t. What better time to get better when the world is basically locked down? You can focus on getting better and not worry about missing stuff. You will have group sessions and one on one sessions as well as seeing a Dr regularly. Since being at Brighter Start I now know how to handle my feelings, emotions and stressors better. I no longer even think about alcohol or wanting to drink. I have kept up my recovery because I want to LIVE and thankfully Brighter Start’s staff gave me that back. You have to do the work, be open and give 100% and I guarantee you that what you get back will amaze you! Thank you Brighter Start, I will forever be grateful!


Brighter Start treatment saved my daughters life. I had constant updates on her welfare. At first obviously it was hard for her but she soon came around to loving it. Not once did she complain. She loved her therapist Ella and the frequent day trips to parks and fishing lakes. She stayed the 120 days by choice and currently is living in a sober house nearby. She goes back to visit often. Staff picked up every time I called with questions. I was throughly satisfied that my daughter was safe at all times and getting the best treatment to her recovery. I can’t thank this place enough for what they did for my daughter.


Five stars across the board for this state of the art treatment center! Everyone agrees they go over and above the norm to treat each and every client with the special care that they need individually. If you know anyone that is in need of treatment and is even the slightest bit reluctant, Brighter Start treatment center is the perfect place for them because it is more like a home away from home! You learn about treatment during the day and heal in the evenings. Absolutely outstanding in every way! Lifesaver!


Brighter Start helped saved me. They welcomed me with open arms and kindness. The staff there helped rebuild my confidence and self-esteem and helped me see that I am worthy and brave. That my worth is not determined by how other people treated me and mentally and emotionally kept me down, but that I can move forward and that I can start to believe that I AM WORTHY AND ENOUGH. I am FOREVER grateful and thankful for the care and support I received from the staff and clients. God bless you all.


Brighter Start was an absolute life saver for me. I had hit an all time low with no end in sight and am so grateful for the wonderful treatment I received at BSH. The staff are extremely kind and made me feel right at home from the get-go. The treatment I received was life changing, and I am able to use the tools and coping skills they taught me to live a healthy and sober life. I can’t thank Brighter Start enough for helping me get my life on the right path. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to seek treatment.


I sent my son to Brighter Start and I can’t begin to tell you the relief that I got after he called me and told me that these people really care about him. My son has NEVER said this and he has been to countless rehabs over the past ten years and THIS one made all the difference. His co-occurring disorder was finally being treated! These people here are very passionate and great at what they do. Many places are priced where the average person could never afford the treatment. Brighter Start IS affordable, hence, their passion for truly caring and actually helping their clients is their top priority. I mean this with all my heart.


I am eternally grateful for Brighter Start! The staff treated me with respect and came from a place of non judgement, sympathy and empathy. The curriculum and program allowed me to reach a place within myself where I could start to repair and restore stable and rational thinking. More than sobriety it offered a roadmap for the future to cope and live a quality life. My time at Brighter Start was guided skillfully with a personal plan for my specific set of circumstances and desired outcome. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


This place literally helped save my life. I was beat up, broken and wanting to die before I went here. I had a moment of clarity and got online looking for a place to get help. The staff truly care about the clients and are so kind and loving. Brighter Start was exactly what I needed to truly live a life of recovery. Because of the wonderful folks and program at Brighter Start I’ve made the decision to live and start a new life.


The correct balance of therapy and life skills to help anyone that struggles with the disease of addiction to get back to a healthy mental state as well as not loosing touch with the reality of real world issues. I loved the fact that I was not a number, I had a name, a purpose and now apart of a new family. Thanks Brighter Start for helping me get my life back!