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DWI Services Wilmington, NC

Receive a DWI in North Carolina?

Driving while licensed revoked?
Under 21 with an alcohol related offense?

The staff at Brighter Start Health can help you navigate the process to full resolution. Brighter Start Health is licensed in North Carolina to provide DWI services, including assessment, various levels of treatment, and out of state reviews. For North Carolina residents, our DWI services are offered both in person and online for ease of addressing these difficult circumstances to move forward with your life.


The law requires that anyone convicted of DWI for impaired driving complete a substance abuse assessment and comply with any recommended treatment as a condition for having their drivers license restored at the end of the revocation period. An assessment costs $100, which is a fee mandated by the state that must be paid at the time of scheduling your assessment with Brighter Start Health. Completing your assessment as quickly as you are able will help to promptly gain a limited driving privilege while your driving privileges are revoked, as well as mitigate any penalties imposed during your trial.

At the time of your assessment you will need the following with you:

  1. A non-certified lifetime copy of your NC driving record. This can be independently obtained for a cost of $13.75 at Should you need assistance please let us know and we can request on your behalf at assessment.
  2. Documented blood alcohol content (Contact the clerk of court if you do not have this on hand)
  3. Copy of your citation (Contact the clerk of court if you do not have this on hand)
  4. Any other relevant legal documents to you case
  5. Copy of your Insurance Card
  6. Photo identification


The purpose of your assessment is to link you to the appropriate treatment level to bring you one step closer to resolution. Assessments are valid for 6 months, therefore you must begin the recommended level of treatment within that time frame and fully complete treatment as a condition for getting your drivers license restored. Below outlines various factors and state mandates that contribute to the treatment level recommendations you will receive following the assessment.

Level I Alcohol & Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS)

  • First DUI/DWI conviction
  • BAC of 0.14 or less
  • Consented to breathalyzer test
  • No Substance Use Disorder determination
  • Must recommend a minimum of 16 hours education to be completed in no less than 5 sessions

Level II Short-term Treatment

  • Previous DUI/DWI conviction
  • Arrest BAC of 0.15 or greater
  • Refused breathalyzer test
  • Meets criteria for a mild Substance Use Disorder
  • Must recommend a minimum of 20 counseling hours over at least 30 days in duration
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Level III Long-term Treatment

  • Meets criteria for a moderate Substance Use Disorder
  • Level I ASAM patient placement criteria met
  • Must recommend a minimum of 40 counseling hours over at least 60 days in duration

Level IV Intensive Outpatient Treatment

  • Meets criteria for moderate/severe Substance Use Disorder
  • Level II ASAM patient placement criteria met
  • Must recommend at least 90 counseling hours over at least 90 days in duration

Level V Inpatient/Residential Treatment

  • Meets criteria for a severe Substance Use Disorder
  • Completion of an inpatient or residential program followed by an immediate stepdown to outpatient aftercare treatment over at least 90 days in duration.

Out of State Reviews

If you received a DWI while in North Carolina and reside out of state, we can help connect you to providers for assessment and treatment in your area. Following completion of services in your home state, we will then finalize the necessary documentation for full resolution of the DWI.
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