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Psychiatric Medication Management Shallotte, NC

Brighter Start Health offers Medication Management services by board-certified practitioners.

Medication management is an outpatient treatment that involves the initial evaluation of an individuals need for psychotropic medications, the provision of a prescription, ongoing medical monitoring, and progress towards desired outcomes. Medications can play a critical role in the treatment of various mental health presentations and the right medication regimen can reduce or eliminate symptoms and improve an individual’s quality of life.

Medication Assisted Treatment, including suboxone, subutex, naltrexone, and vivitrol, are offered at Brighter Start Health and requires an individual to enroll and participate in recommended treatment.

In person and telehealth sessions are offered as an option for those who are not located near the physical office. 

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Brighter Start's Mission

Our Mission is to help each client find life-long recovery, health, and a purpose filled life. You will see yourself, others, and your experiences in a new and positive light after completing treatment.

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